Role SIA

Work Package leader for WP4 “Service Development, Integration and Testing, Validation and Demonstration”.
Task leader for Task 4.3 “AfriCultuReS Pre-operational Validation”.
SIA also contributes significantly to several tasks and activities across different WPs.


Organisation SIA

The Sapienza University of Rome, is a collegiate research university located in Rome, Italy. Formally known as Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", it is the largest European university by enrolments and one of the oldest in history, founded in 1303.

School of Aerospace Engineering
The University of Rome 'La Sapienza' contributes to AfriCultuReS through the School of Aerospace Engineering (SIA) which is a Faculty funded in 1926 as School of Aeronautics Engineering and in 1961 became School of Aerospace Engineering. EOSIAL (Earth Observation Satellite Images Applications Lab) is a laboratory of the School devoted to developing applications, based on the exploitation of satellite images. The researchers group has been involved in many national and international projects (FP6, FP7, ECHO, ESA, INTERREG) concerning Earth Observation satellite applications for security, environmental monitoring, natural and man-made hazards.

Experience includes teaching aerospace systems for remote sensing since 1998 and management (of about 15 years) of the Equatorial Remote Sensing station of the University of Rome in Kenya (Malindi). In particular, in the remote sensing field, the following research activities were carried out at SIA:
Monitoring of sea and internal water pollution phenomena (using AVHRR and SeaWiFS images, MERIS and ETM/TM);
Monitoring of human activity impact on coast erosion phenomena;
Satellite based accurate Land and Sea surface temperature estimate using an algorithm developed by SIA;
Desertification analysis;
Real time wild fire detection and monitoring based on geostationary images;
Automatic detection of given objects on satellite images;
Population monitoring;
National border monitoring;
Monitoring of equatorial atmosphere and atmospheric aerosols estimate;
Agricultural area monitoring and productivity estimate (L8, Sentinel-1, 2, Cosmo SkyMed, ALOS, etc.);
Satellite based detection of oil spill.
Implementation of automatic processing chain of satellite imagery devoted to environmental monitoring.


Staff SIA

Giovanni Laneve (leader)
Lorenzo Fusilli (participant)
Roberto Luciani (participant)



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 774652