Work Package leader for WP3 “Data Harvesting and Service Portfolio Design and Prototyping”.
Task leader for Task 1.2 “Scientific & Technical Coordination”,
Task 3.1 “Earth Observation based Remote Monitoring” and
Task 3.4 “Data Fusion, Services Federation and Prediction Models”.
AUTH also contributes significantly to several tasks and activities across different WPs.


Organisation AUTH

The Lab of Remote Sensing and GIS of the Faculty of Agriculture ( is a leading research and education Laboratory on Earth observation (EO) and geoinformatics for agronomic applications, including the broader sphere of agricultural activities and their impacts on the environment.

Key areas of research are:
Monitoring agricultural resources exploiting EO and land surface models (mapping agricultural crops, digital soil mapping, agricultural water use, precision farming);
Quantitative remote sensing (estimation of evapotranspiration, soil moisture, green biomass, leaf area index); and
Monitoring of the environmental impacts of agriculture (soil erosion, estimate downstream water quality and quantity).

The Department of Meteorology and Climatology ( was founded in 1929 and its personnel have expertise in climatology, regional climate modelling, synoptic, dynamical, satellite and agricultural meteorology/climatology, weather and chemical weather forecasting and. It hosts a MSc Program in Meteorology Climatology and Atmospheric Environment and its permanent staff members are involved in a number of national and international projects.

The Agricultural Engineering Lab of the Faculty of Agriculture is active in the field of robotics, RFID and zigbee for robot localization and food traceability applications, robot task and motion planning, intelligent tracking and coordination for robotic systems. Other areas of research include intelligent control, intelligent techniques development (machine learning, neural networks, and self-organizing systems), data fusion and intelligent sensors.



Staff AUTH


Thomas Alexandridis (leader)



Dimitrios Moshou (task leader)



Eleni Katragkou (task leader)



Ioannis Pitharoulis (task leader) 



Afroditi Alexandra Tamouridou (participant)



Xanthoula Eirini Pantazi (participant)



Ines Cherif (participant)



Dimitris Kasampalis (participant)



George Ovakoglou (participant)



Iordanidis Charalampos (participant)



Maria Karypidou (participant)



Stergios Kartsios (participant)



Dimitris Kasampalis (participant)



Stergios Kartsios (participant)



Maria Karypidou (participant)



Natasa Bougeli (participant)



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 774652